As the name suggests, a web designer is a professional who deals with the building, designing, and redesigning of websites. Also referred to as web architects, web designers are acquainted both technically and in creativity. They blend the two and come up with aesthetically appealing web pages. Some of the web aspects a web designer deals with include; style, layout, content, usability and user experience in general.

Web Designer vs. Web Developer

There has been a misconception that web design and web development is the same thing. It is important to note that a web designer and a web developer (programmer) are two different people with different job descriptions. While web design simply refers to the aesthetics and usability of a website, web development is all about making functional websites from provided designs using programming languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, and so on. Web designers conceptualise website designs using creativity while web developers actualise these designs using codes.

What Exactly is the Role of Web Designers?

In the making of a website, a web architect plays a crucial role. Besides being the visual architects, web planners are responsible for usability. They conceptualise designs and convey them to web developers who will now bring to life the website by codes using programming languages. More so, web planners ensure that the design of the website suits the primary needs. For example, if it is a casino website, players should be able to load their accounts, place stakes, withdraw winnings and so forth. It is imperative to note that even though it is web developers who actualise the website by writing the code using a particular language, web architects may slightly manipulate this code when tweaking and fine tuning the website’s look and feel.

Wrap Up

Even though most people despise web designers and give all the credit to developers, they remain an integral part of the entire process. One notable thing here is, even the best web developer will rely on a web architect for a web design to show their expertise in programming.