Even though web design is perceived as a science, it is equally an art. A good web designer ought to blend the two in order to thrive. Today, we are going to look at 5 important skills a good web designer must have.


In coding, you need to have a grasp of HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Ajax, ASP, Perl, Java, C++ and so on. Even though it is hard to get a single web designer who has a grasp of all of these technical skills, it is important to be aware of all of them and how they interact with one another.


This is where art steps in. A good designer must be creative enough to conceptualise a design that will be attractive and appealing. We have seen great developers who have mastered coding languages but they lack creativity and thus, end up with average websites that lack aesthetics and visual attraction which is the basis of a successful website.

Server Administration

Most web designers ignore or know very little about web server administration. However, it is important that all designers work with reference to how the server responds to whatever they do. By taking note of a server’s response to changes, they are able to solve problems and most importantly, build better websites.


SEO starts in the web development stage and not after the whole process is complete. Factors like content, inbound links, speed, UI, mobile friendliness and site performance greatly affects SEO. The fact that these activities are handled in the web design process, the designer must be aware of SEO best practices.

Customer Service

As weird as it sounds, a good web designer should have exceptional customer service skills. Remember, as a designer, you have many key interactions, specifically, with those for whom you are making websites for. Good customer service skills will help you clearly understands your clients’ needs.


Even though you may not have all these skills 100%, it is important to be acquainted with them. Having knowledge of these skills will actually make you a better web designer.