Website design, also known as website plan, is among the most misunderstood web concepts. First, it is commonly confused with web development when they are two different things. It is also often thought to be a basic concept, yet it is complex and fundamental in the entire process of building a website.

What is a Website Design?

This is simply a conceptualisation of the layout, typography, color scheme, user experience, and usability of a potential website. Web designers blend technical and creative skills to come up with attractive and aesthetic websites that fully meet business’ needs. In web designing, one thing is paramount – it should be effective.

What are the Tenets of a Good Website Plan?

A good website plan is a combination of several aspects. All these aspects must complement each other to attain a basic threshold of usability. Here are the most important fundamentals of a good website plan.

  • Aesthetics – A good website plan should be attractive and appealing. Here, designers ought to emphasize on simplicity first. Also, there should be a good use of color, typography, images and so on.
  • Content – A good website plan is mindful of content. The layout should be designed with the nature of content in mind, whether it is text, images, videos or any other media.
  • Functionality – Another key principle of a good web plan is functionality. The plan should have fully functional features. These features must include contact forms, search, registration and subscriptions, hyperlinks, e.t.c.
  • Usability – Usability is so critical that it will either help you build or destroy your business online. A good website should have good usability for maximum customer satisfaction. A good website design should load fast, be easy to navigate and most importantly, resourceful.
  • Search Engine Optimization – SEO starts right from the website planning stage and not after the website is complete as most people think. This is simply because SEO goes beyond keywords. Aspects like UX, onsite optimisation, navigation, header tags and typography impact SEO.